Citronella Essential Oil Candles and Beeswax.

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Citronella Essential Oil Candles and Beeswax.
Don’t Bug Me

Citronella Essential Oil cnadles made with beeswax with give you an enjoyable outdoors this summer.

With summer comes cookouts, BBQs and BUGS!!!!

What better way to keep them at bay than with some natural bug repellent beeswax candles? Quick and easy to make.

Use any combination of bug repelling essential oils, CITRONELLA, rosemary, lemon, peppermint, orange, lemongrass.

Any kind of jars you like. I use 4 oz. Jars as a preference.

Make a batch all in one go.

Light them and let them slowly burn so your friends, family and guests can enjoy the company instead of with the bugs.

These candles will instantly transform your patio or BBQ area into an enchanting fragrance- filled summer party time.

Here’s to a fun free summer staying naturally bug free.

Items you will need>:

#Wicks. I prefer cotton wicks. Some wicks contain toxins. I use no 2 size.

#100% filtered Beeswax. Paraffin wax gives off harmful toxins and artificial scents.

Beeswax purifies the air.

# Metal wick tabs. Some contain lead.

Chopsticks, tooth picks or pencils to steady the wicks in the jars,

A Pyrex type of dish or tin. DON’T USE YOUR BEST UTENSILS. Beeswax is not easy to remove.

A large pan that will take the bowl or tin inside

Oven parchment paper to place the jars on.

A selection of jars.

#If you have no local source then PayPal or Amazon have what you need.


  • Measure the length of wicks. About 1and half times the height of your jar. Make a small knot at one end.

Thread the wick through the wick holder.

Dunk the wick in melted wax.

This helps it adhere to the CENTRE bottom of the jar.

NB. Wax is hot!!!!!!. Watch fingers.

Push wick down onto bottom of jar.

  • Add water to large pan.

Put wax into bowl or can and place in the large pan of water.

Melt wax over a LOW heat. ( 30 mins)

NB. Always have a lid close at hand in case wax becomes over heated.

DON’T heat to boiling point!!!!!!

  • Whilst wax is melting place the jars in the lowest heat in the oven. This helps stop the wax cooling too quickly and then cracking the candle.

Once wax has melted turn off the oven and remove jars carefully.

Place on a tray covered with the parchment paper.

  • Next add the CITRONELLA and other oils to the melted beeswax and pour carefully into a glass measuring jar. (Not your best.) for easy pouring.


Pour wax carefully into the jars. Leave about and 1inch ( from top of jar.

  • Prop wick up straight between 2 chops sticks ( or similar).

Dunk wick in oil to help adhere to supports.

Put candles back in oven. Switched off. To allow them to cool down slowly and avoid any cracking.

  • Let them sit for 12-24 hours.

  • Trim the wicks to about 1 inch ( about 20mm )above the wax, BELOW top of jar.

4oz jars are easy to light with a match.

These make great gifts!

Was this your first time making candles?

How did they work out?

Share your hints and tips.

Non.Toxic Insect Repellant using Essential Oils.

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