How to Protect your Family from Colds and Flu with a little help from Essential Oils

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Coughs and Sneezes spread diseases

Do you have any ‘go to’ techniques when your throat feels sore or you are starting with a cold or flue?

Maybe you start drinking many cups of tea when you first feel that tickle.

Maybe you drink hot water with lemon and honey. One of my favourites, with some fresh ginger. Or you may have some favourite herbs.

Well I have another thing you might want to add to your approach.

Essential oils are amazing when it comes to supporting immunity against colds and flu.

Winter is a prime time for viruses. Fortunately essential oils offer us powerful ways to stay healthy.

There are many essential oils that can combat microbes and support health at the same time, but you don’t need a huge collection. There are five powerhouse oils that you can make so many blends with.






You can diffuse Frankincense and Lavender throughout the day to help destroy airborne microbes, Your house will be healthier and will smell amazing.

Or make a simple inhaler with Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange

Another of my favourite blends I call:


5 drops Eucalyptus

5 drops Tea Tree.

6 drops sweet orange.

This blend is great for diffusing throughout the day.

In the evening I switch to:


6 drops Lavender

8 drops Frankincense

4 drops sweet orange.

For children reduce the oil count. Their systems are more sensitive and they are smaller than adults.

So breathe deep and enjoy the winter.

I have another suggestion that you might want to add to your sore throat approach,

It’s a lotion you can apply to your neck, chest and throat. It’s made with essential oils that are good at calming inflammation and reducing infections: Hemlock,Tea Tree, Opopanax and Black Pepper.

1 o.z. (28gr.) unscented lotion

6 drops of Hemlock ( Tsuga canadensis)

4 drops Tea Tree

3 drops Opopanax

2 drops Black Pepper.

Make this blend in a 1oz. (30ml) glass jar. Put the lotion into the jar, then add the essential oils. Stir gently with the handle of a stainless steel spoon.

Rub the lotion into your throat and back of neck, when you have a cough , or when your throat feels sore, itchy and tickly. Apply as needed several times a day.

( Recipe courtesy of Andrea Butje. The Heart of Aromatherapy.)

Have a healthy winter!

Let me know any other hints and tips you may have.

Until the next time.

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