Create a Business and Life You Love

How to stop your projects and passions becoming a lost dream and pushed aside.

           Would you like to Create a Business and Life You Love? 

  • Do you ever feel squashed and squeezed under the weight of all your  projects?

  • Does it feel harder and harder to achieve things and get them to completion?
  • Are you adding more and more to your must have morning routines, evening routines, all your wellness routines, trying to keep up with all the latest ideas?

What if you could streamline your life and free up more time for projects?

If you are feeling overwhelmed with work and all your routines and want to make more time for your passions and achieve your goals and finish your business project then listen on.

I’ve been where you are and although I’m still good at multi-tasking I used to be stressed and overwhelmed with my

TO DO LIST. Here’s how I found a simpler path to less stress and achieving more of my goals.

Are you are at the stage of being too busy with work and have no spare time for your projects?

You and millions of other people are in the same position of overwhelm, stress, overcommitted. So you don’t want to hear more routines from me.

This is what I say to my self everyday: ‘Streamline, clarify in order to expand and extend.’

This is how I did it.


Seriously take a look at what you can reduce, simplify or find an alternative way to get things done and free up some time for you passion.

  1. Reduce all your complicated daily routines. I wrote down a list of all my routines and then found ways to reduce them.
    Sometimes we can take this just a little too far. Have you heard your self saying : ‘I’ve got to read this latest book, listen to this important webinar, how this new health product works ,!!! Life then becomes an obsession and not a true pleasure. You are so busy running you have no time to enjoy.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I do meditate but not for an hour, 10 minutes will do. Exercise is also top of my list to maintain a healthy life style, but MODERATION.
    With the Internet there are dozens of new things every day that you must try, NOW! Then the guilt comes in. Have I made my smoothies Oh dear, I forgot gratitude in my meditation this morning. What about the coconut oil pulling for my oral health? Plus shopping, housework, kids to school, meals, the list is endless.

    Only work on 1 project at a time.

    OK,I know you want to produce home made greetings cards; learn Spanish because you want to go there on holiday;open a health food store.!!!!! Get the picture?
    A saying that may help: ‘A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.’
    Don’t lose it all. Doing less will give you more.
    If you are chasing everything at once nothing gets done or completed. You never gain any momentum or satisfaction.

Another quote from Confucius:

´A man who chases 2 rabbits catches neither.’

  • What’s the one project that needs more of your time and attention and why?
  • What’s the next watershed or level that you need to achieve to take you over that finish line?

Quite simply reduce your number of projects and commitments so you can extend your results in the limited time you have.

List all the challenges you have i.e. personal life, fitness, project.

Now simplify all the above, reduce or even remove.

Get a very clear focus on the one thing you are going to achieve in order to get your project and purpose on target and moving forward.

Set yourself a time limit for completion using the time you have freed up. Only work on that one task until you are done.

Next, any free time you have you can then move your project forward again to its completion.

Not until you have finished this stage do you move forward to the next stage. Stay on target and keep your focus.

Remember you have to streamline to extend and expand.

Saying: It is possible to move mountains by carrying small stones.’ 5 completed small tasks are likely to bring you more. 

Take a look at the book: The Progress Principle’ by Theresa Amabile and Steven Kramer. Also Danielle Laporte’s new book: ‘The Desire Map’ is a winner.

N.B. Only when you have complete the task in hand


And finally,  What’s one simply project that requires time and attention and why?

What’s the next task that will move you forward and closer to finished?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Share your details.

The world needs you to share your special ideas, hints and tips.

You may be able to help another person achieve their goals and dreams by improving their time management and productivity.

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