Make your Muscles and Tendons DANCE

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Muscles and Joints Need Some love.

Pain makes us uncomfortable in our bodies and emotionally unhappy—no fun! It can make simply going about our day unpleasant, and stops us from getting things done.

Tendonitis is a form of inflammation  in the tendons, which are the chord-like parts of the body that connect muscles to bones. Usually caused by repetitive movements (like exercise or sitting in the same position for many hours), injuries or built-up inflammation over time, tendonitis can cause a lot of pain.

People over 40 years old tend to get tendonitis more than younger people, but really anyone can development symptoms depending on how damaged versus elastic tendons become.

It’s true that as we age, our ligaments, bones and tendons slowly weaken with everyday wear and tear, so we’re more likely to experience things like muscle and joint pain.

Comes down to experiencing inflamed tendons that are more susceptible to stress, strain, movement and tears. Despite what most people assume, this can affect people of all ages, sizes and physical activity levels, not just serious athletes or the elderly.


Signs indicating that you might have tendonitis include:

  • feeling pains and aches around a specific ligament, joint or muscle

  • swelling and tenderness

  • increased pain when moving or exercising

  • stiffness

  • trouble sleeping due to pain.

  • Common Areas Affected for Tendonitis.







Over Christmas I fell and sprained my wrist and the initial pain was agonising.

I grabbed my Panaway Essential Oil and the relief was amazing


This oil is hands down the most amazing oil to support healthy muscles and joints.

Makes most amazing massage oil.

Post-exercise pain? Sit too long at the computer? Kids have growing pains? This is the oil for you.

PanAway essential oil blend contains the following essential oils:

  • Helichrysum

  • Wintergreen

  • Clove

  • Peppermint

PanAway is extremely soothing and comforting, the perfect oil when you need a deep, relaxing massage. Simply dilute 1:5 with carrier oil, and massage away

PanAway is amazing for soothing emotional pain, too!

In Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils,  

I learned that PanAway can be used to help you cope with two negative emotions:

  • Exhaustion

  • Fear of emotions

For exhaustion, apply two drops of PanAway with carrier oil to the lower spine.

For fear of emotions, apply to the top of the legs, right below the hips.

You can also diffuse PanAway to help you overcome these emotional hurdles.

Did you know PanAway is one of the most valuable oils in the Premium Starter Kit?

Muscle aches can be caused by increased physical activity, stress, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration and hormonal changes.

Almost everybody has likely experienced discomfort in his or her muscles at some point.

Because almost every part of the body has muscle tissue, this type of pain can be felt practically anywhere.

Using essential oils for muscle aches is the most effective natural remedy for fast relief.

 Mix peppermint oil,  cypress oil  together with coconut oil and rubbing them on the sore muscle is highly effective.

Put 3 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of cypress and 1 tsp of coconut oil on the area then cover with hot compress for 1 minute.

 Here’s another massage recipe

Happy Muscles Massage Oil

  • 1 oz (30 ml) jojoba

  • 8 drops Siberian Fir

  • 4 drops Black Spruce

  • 3 drops German Chamomile

  • 3 drops Juniper

Make the blend in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle.

Combine all your ingredients, close the bottle, and shake gently.

Massage sore muscles and joints as often as you like.

All of the oils in this blend are helpful for pain relief in sore muscles and joints.

Black Spruce is also useful for getting your energy flowing and reducing fatigue.

Juniper is such a joint-friendly oil. ‘The Art of Aromatherapy and Easy to Use Guide for Essential Oils’ is full of recipes.

The essential oils in this blend are also supportive of respiratory health, so if your aches and pains have shown up along with a cold or flu, you will really like the way this blend supports you on multiple levels.

Now give yourself a massage and feel better! 

Until the next time.

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Natural >Lip Balms for Luscious Lips in Winter

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Lip Balms

I always carry lip balms with me but their effects never seem to last.

Now we have winter upon us and we are heating our houses the air can become very dry and lips become chapped.

I couldn’t ever imagine how making my own lip balms could be so easy.

If you love lip balms learning a great lip balm recipe can be a game changer.

Home made lip balms can be very purse friendly and now I make a whole batch to last.

If you love lip balms learning a great lip balm recipe can be a game changer.

Home-made lip balms can be very purse friendly and now I make a whole batch to last.


  1. Here’s my basic formula

  • I ordered a pack of 25 empty lip balm tubes ( )

  • I bought a tiny stainless steel funnel. Easier than a plastic funnel. You can remover any solid balm with a tooth pick.

  • 6 tablespoons Organic coconut oil or Shea butter.
  • 2 tablespoons Beeswax granules

  • 30 Drops of our favourite essential oil.

  • I find it helpful to have a lip balm tray to hold up the tubes whilst the liquid sets.

  • Here’s where I buy mine from:

    1. Simple method.

You’ll need only 10 minutes, honestly!

Melt coconut oils in a double boiler or pan with a Pyrex dish inside over a medium heat, stirring frequently until all is melted. Quarter fill the pan with simmering water.

Add your favourite essential oils.

You can also add vitamin E oil.

Carefully and slowly pour a small amount into each tube. NB Mixture will harden rapidly.

Let it cool for about and hour then use as normal.

Any extra balm left use on your feet and elbows.

Leave the tubes lying around the house.

Looking for stocking fillers, teacher gifts or an easy way to pamper your lips?

      1. Which Carrier Oil should I Use?

Use your favourite or choose from

Coconut oil


Sweet almond

Apricot kernel


      1. Which Lip Balm for you?

Here are a few of my favourites.

Vanilla extract is divine and great for cracked lips.

  • Christmas lip balms with Orange and cinnamon essential oils or grapefruit and lime.

  • Vanilla, orange and lavender.

  • Peppermint and mandarin

Now there’s no end to how creative you can become.

The sky’s the limit with these lip balms.

Here’s to your beautiful plump, luscious lips during 2018.

As always please remember not all oils are created equal. I only use 100% therapeutic grade oils with active components and no fillers or chemicals.


These oils are plant based medicine. Don’t misuse or abuse them.

Would love to hear which lip balm is your favourite.

Have fun!

Until next time. Judith 648 671 410


Lavender is in the starter kit

Ready to begin your Essential Oil Journey with me?

Aborigines and Tea Tree Oil- What’s the Connection?

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Aborigines and Tea Tree Oil- what’s the Connecton?



Part 6 of a 10 part series on must have essential oils. Tea Tree originates from Australia and was widely used by the Aborigines for medicinal purposes. It is an inexpensive oil with over 100 benefits for health and household cleaning. See how it can help you.

The Midas Touch – Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon Essential Oil has the Midas Touch. This simple oil has something for everyone. Part 5 of this series gives you an overcview of this valuable essential oil and its properties revealed from over 500 scientific studies.

Please watch: “10 Must have Essential Oils”

The King of Essential Oils. Frankincense

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Frankincense. King of Essential Oils

There is so much to say about this Essential oil.

I will be posting more recipes using Essential oils for you to use.

Visit this site for more research into the medicinal effects of Frankincense.

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The Powerful Healing Qualities of Rosemary Essential Oil

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Rosemary Essential Oil has amazing healing properties if it is 100% therapeutic grade with no  additives. or dilution. What’s in your products?

Latin Name: Rosemarinus Officinalis

Family: Lamiaceae


Primary compund: Cineole.

So How do Essential Oils Work in the body?

Robert Tisserand is the expert on this and I recommend you visit his site

My 10 Must Have Essential Oils . Part 1 Lavender

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I’m so excited to have finally produced the first part of my 10 part video series on 10 Must Have Essential Oils.

Last year my husband had a deep and serious cut to his leg. The medical centre decided not to add any stitches but to keep it clean and let it heal naturally. As soon as the bandages were removed I got to work with Lavender and coconut oil every single day. The wound began to close and heal quickly. Now  months down the line there is hardly any scarring.

Lavender is in your starter kit.

In the evenings I use Lavender in my diffuser because if has a great calming effect and helps induce a good sleep pattern. Great for helping me switch off from my computer.

Ready to start YOUR essential oils journey with me? BEGIN HERE

Christmas Spirit with essential oils.

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The Season to Share

ChristmasSpirit is a sweet, spicy blend of orange, cinnamon and spruce essential
oils. They  tap into your happiness, joy and security associated with
the holiday festive season.

Christmas Spirit also
supports cleansing of the body, respiratory system and the releasing of
negative emotional blocks. Christmas Spirit  helps embrace positive

#Christmas Spirit

Get into the Christmas Spirit with these specially selected essential oils

Essential Oils that are Safe for Babies and Children

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babies-and-young-childrenEssential oils that are safe and 11are wonderful to use for babies and children – they help support their delicate, developing immune systems and are safe to use as they work synergistically with the body to promote wellness.

I’ve come a long way since my children were born. They are now adults !!! I had never once heard of using essential oils when my family was young and resorted to using very unnatural things whenever they weren’t feeling well. Now I know better and using high quality oils like Young Living has helped a lot. They are now a staple in my household and I use them daily, which has worked very well to keep me and my grandchildren  healthy and well!
This guide below refers to children from newborns to five years old.

Are you brand-new to essential oils? Then I suggest starting here. Most Common Oils Used for Babies

    Melaleuca Alternifolia (aka Tea Tree Oil)
    Roman Chamomile
    German Chamomile
    Citrus Fresh (a blended oil)
Click here to buy high quality Young Living Essential Oils

Proper Dilution
Dilution is important when it comes to babies as they are so small and the oils are strong – a little goes a long way. Not that they are something to be feared, but just have a healthy respect for them.

This is where I recommend starting: 1-3 drops essential oil to 1 tablespoon carrier oil. If you’re finding this dilution ratio isn’t effective for your baby, then increase the amount of essential oils you’re using by a few drops and continue from there.

For general immune support, just 1-2 times a day or less is good. I’ve even found that when I use oils right after we’ve been somewhere where I think they’ve picked up germs, they stay well with just 1-2 applications afterwards.

When their immune systems need more support, I apply the oils 2-4 times a day. Essential oils metabolize in the body in 2 1/2 to 3 hours, so you can technically apply that often.

My Favorite Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are fatty oils that are totally different than essential oils. They help to “carry” the oil over the skin. This helps to reduce irritation (as essential oils are drying and some can irritate if they are not diluted) and makes your oils go further!

Young Living’s V-6 oil (a combination of 6 vegetable oils, including fractionated coconut and jojoba
Fractionated coconut oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Grapeseed Oil

Common Oil Uses for Babies

Note: Roman Chamomile is gentler than German, so it is best suited for newborns and infants.
Immune Support

Recommended Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon
Use topically by diluting 1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil of choice and massage on the Vita Flex points on the bottoms of the feet, 2 to 4 times a day when needed.

Digestion Support

Recommended Oils: Fennel, German Chamomile, Melissa, or Marjoram
Use topically by diluting 1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon carrier oil of choice, and massage a small amount gently on stomach and back

Respiratory Support
Recommended Oils: Thyme or Lemon
Diffuse with an aromatherapy diffuser
Dilute 1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon carrier oil and massage a little on neck and chest

Recommended Oils: Ylang ylang, Lavender, or Roman Chamomile
Diffuse with an aromatherapy diffuser
Dilute 1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon carrier oil and massage a little on neck and chest

Nappy Area
Recommended Oils: Lavender
Dilute 1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil of choice.

 Happy Ears
Recommended Oils: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil), Cedarwood, or Frankincense
Put a diluted drop of oil on a cotton ball and place in the ear (but do NOT put the oil itself directly in the ear), rub diluted oil behind ear (1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon of carrier

 Healthy Skin
Recommended Oils: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rose, or Sandalwood
Dilute 1-3 drops in 1 tablespoon carrier oil and apply where needed

Recommended Oils: Lavender, German Chamomile, Ginger, Marjoram, Melaleuca
Dilute and apply a small amount to feet

Hope you find this guide useful. Do let me know in your comments below.

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Pool hair can be horrible.Try this detangler right after you get out of the pool or sea, before you brush your hair. You will feel the difference immediately. Enjoy no more tangles!!