How to Protect your Family from Colds and Flu with a little help from Essential Oils

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Coughs and Sneezes spread diseases

Do you have any ‘go to’ techniques when your throat feels sore or you are starting with a cold or flue?

Maybe you start drinking many cups of tea when you first feel that tickle.

Maybe you drink hot water with lemon and honey. One of my favourites, with some fresh ginger. Or you may have some favourite herbs.

Well I have another thing you might want to add to your approach.

Essential oils are amazing when it comes to supporting immunity against colds and flu.

Winter is a prime time for viruses. Fortunately essential oils offer us powerful ways to stay healthy.

There are many essential oils that can combat microbes and support health at the same time, but you don’t need a huge collection. There are five powerhouse oils that you can make so many blends with.






You can diffuse Frankincense and Lavender throughout the day to help destroy airborne microbes, Your house will be healthier and will smell amazing.

Or make a simple inhaler with Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange

Another of my favourite blends I call:


5 drops Eucalyptus

5 drops Tea Tree.

6 drops sweet orange.

This blend is great for diffusing throughout the day.

In the evening I switch to:


6 drops Lavender

8 drops Frankincense

4 drops sweet orange.

For children reduce the oil count. Their systems are more sensitive and they are smaller than adults.

So breathe deep and enjoy the winter.

I have another suggestion that you might want to add to your sore throat approach,

It’s a lotion you can apply to your neck, chest and throat. It’s made with essential oils that are good at calming inflammation and reducing infections: Hemlock,Tea Tree, Opopanax and Black Pepper.

1 o.z. (28gr.) unscented lotion

6 drops of Hemlock ( Tsuga canadensis)

4 drops Tea Tree

3 drops Opopanax

2 drops Black Pepper.

Make this blend in a 1oz. (30ml) glass jar. Put the lotion into the jar, then add the essential oils. Stir gently with the handle of a stainless steel spoon.

Rub the lotion into your throat and back of neck, when you have a cough , or when your throat feels sore, itchy and tickly. Apply as needed several times a day.

( Recipe courtesy of Andrea Butje. The Heart of Aromatherapy.)

Have a healthy winter!

Let me know any other hints and tips you may have.

Until the next time.

Make your Muscles and Tendons DANCE

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Muscles and Joints Need Some love.

Pain makes us uncomfortable in our bodies and emotionally unhappy—no fun! It can make simply going about our day unpleasant, and stops us from getting things done.

Tendonitis is a form of inflammation  in the tendons, which are the chord-like parts of the body that connect muscles to bones. Usually caused by repetitive movements (like exercise or sitting in the same position for many hours), injuries or built-up inflammation over time, tendonitis can cause a lot of pain.

People over 40 years old tend to get tendonitis more than younger people, but really anyone can development symptoms depending on how damaged versus elastic tendons become.

It’s true that as we age, our ligaments, bones and tendons slowly weaken with everyday wear and tear, so we’re more likely to experience things like muscle and joint pain.

Comes down to experiencing inflamed tendons that are more susceptible to stress, strain, movement and tears. Despite what most people assume, this can affect people of all ages, sizes and physical activity levels, not just serious athletes or the elderly.


Signs indicating that you might have tendonitis include:

  • feeling pains and aches around a specific ligament, joint or muscle

  • swelling and tenderness

  • increased pain when moving or exercising

  • stiffness

  • trouble sleeping due to pain.

  • Common Areas Affected for Tendonitis.







Over Christmas I fell and sprained my wrist and the initial pain was agonising.

I grabbed my Panaway Essential Oil and the relief was amazing


This oil is hands down the most amazing oil to support healthy muscles and joints.

Makes most amazing massage oil.

Post-exercise pain? Sit too long at the computer? Kids have growing pains? This is the oil for you.

PanAway essential oil blend contains the following essential oils:

  • Helichrysum

  • Wintergreen

  • Clove

  • Peppermint

PanAway is extremely soothing and comforting, the perfect oil when you need a deep, relaxing massage. Simply dilute 1:5 with carrier oil, and massage away

PanAway is amazing for soothing emotional pain, too!

In Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils,  

I learned that PanAway can be used to help you cope with two negative emotions:

  • Exhaustion

  • Fear of emotions

For exhaustion, apply two drops of PanAway with carrier oil to the lower spine.

For fear of emotions, apply to the top of the legs, right below the hips.

You can also diffuse PanAway to help you overcome these emotional hurdles.

Did you know PanAway is one of the most valuable oils in the Premium Starter Kit?

Muscle aches can be caused by increased physical activity, stress, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration and hormonal changes.

Almost everybody has likely experienced discomfort in his or her muscles at some point.

Because almost every part of the body has muscle tissue, this type of pain can be felt practically anywhere.

Using essential oils for muscle aches is the most effective natural remedy for fast relief.

 Mix peppermint oil,  cypress oil  together with coconut oil and rubbing them on the sore muscle is highly effective.

Put 3 drops of peppermint, 3 drops of cypress and 1 tsp of coconut oil on the area then cover with hot compress for 1 minute.

 Here’s another massage recipe

Happy Muscles Massage Oil

  • 1 oz (30 ml) jojoba

  • 8 drops Siberian Fir

  • 4 drops Black Spruce

  • 3 drops German Chamomile

  • 3 drops Juniper

Make the blend in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle.

Combine all your ingredients, close the bottle, and shake gently.

Massage sore muscles and joints as often as you like.

All of the oils in this blend are helpful for pain relief in sore muscles and joints.

Black Spruce is also useful for getting your energy flowing and reducing fatigue.

Juniper is such a joint-friendly oil. ‘The Art of Aromatherapy and Easy to Use Guide for Essential Oils’ is full of recipes.

The essential oils in this blend are also supportive of respiratory health, so if your aches and pains have shown up along with a cold or flu, you will really like the way this blend supports you on multiple levels.

Now give yourself a massage and feel better! 

Until the next time.

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Essential oils for babies and young children

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Essential Oils for Infants and Children


Our children are extremely precious and as parents we are the first responders when it come to their health and well being. The correct use of essential oils with babies and young children can’t be stressed enough.

Essential Oils —-Are they safe?

I am talking about Young Living 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and a company that has excellent quality control.

They are pure plant extract and very potent. One must respect the oils. As parents we must use our heads and be cognisant.

Our young ones bodies are building rapidly, all their systems are developing and changing.

These oils are ADAPTAGENS, that is, they adapt to each person. Children tend to respond more rapidly than adults to the oils.

Here are some guidelines when using the oils on children.

  • Here me on this please!: DILUTE, DILUTE, DILUTE!!!!! This does not reduce the potency of essdential oils but renders them not as intense on these young skins. Use the old adage, Less is more! Always err on the side of caution

    Dilute, dilute,dilute. Ndever use neat oils on children under 6 years.

    Dilute, dilute,dilute. Never use neat oils on children under 6 years.

  • Use carrier oils.

These are fatty vegetable oils such as Young Living V6, coconut, jojoba, almond and olive.

There are things to consider here.

  • Has your child got a nut allergy? If so do not use carrier oils that contain nuts like coconut, almond and avocado.

         Has your child got any allergies at all?

         I would not use oil blends on young children because they contain      

fractionated coconut oil.

  • Sensitivity.

Some children have very sensitive skins, especially around the eyes. They can be sensitive to oil itself or the aroma.

Always check that your child is well hidrated.

  • System Support.

Which system are you trying to support, immune, digestive, respiratory?

Discover which oils are best for each system.

  • Pub. Med have much research on Essential Oils. If you are not sure always seek advice.

  • Mode of Application.

With young children I would not recommend oral use.

Diffusing is a great way to use the essential oils especially in the bedroom.

The oils can be used as a gentle massage on the stomach and the soles of the feet are a great places to apply oils.

Avoid putting them direct on the face and never into the ears.

  • A few Favourite Essential Oils to use with children.

  • Lavender.

Very calming and aids restful sleep.

Diffuse or place on the underside of their pillow.

  • Frankincense.

This is very spicy. Always dilute.

It helps with the immune system, soft tissue and respiration

  • Owie.

Aids structural support.

  • Tummy Gize

Good for digestive issues.

  • Peace and calming 1 or 2.

Children who are very right brained and a tendancy to ADHD react well with this oil.

  • Lemon and citrus blends.

Circulation, lymphatic system and immune system.

Don’t use if body is going to be exposed to the sun

  • Emotional.

I personally would not use with children under 5 years.

Use on back of neck and spine. Oils like white angelica,

vetiver, harmony.

Remember children can’t tell you they are stressed!!!!

DO NOT USE:( On children under 5 years.)

Peppermint- 54% plus menthol

Eucalyptus – up to 83%cineole

Rosemary – cineole and camphor.

DO NOT USE on children under 12 years.

Wintergreen or birch. – methyl-salicylate.


Lemon on the spine. PEPPERMINT

Reduce temperature.

Ginger or Lemon on the stomach. PEPPERMINT

Aids stomach ache.

Lemon, Frankincense, cinnamon, clove, tea tree, thyme, oregano.Use on the feet. PEPPERMINT

Immune support.

Cedarwood,pine, myrtle.Diffuse or use on chest and back.

Congestion and cough PEPPERMINT EUCALYPTUS

Frankincense, balsam fir and copiaba. PEPPERMINT

Helps aches and discomfort.

Rub on gums for teething.

Frankincense and copiaba.

Tooth Fairy Teething Cream

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100% therapeutic essential oilsTooth Fairy Teething Cream



1/2 cup Coconut oil                                 5 drops Copaiba Essential Oil

5 drops Clove Essential Oil


Melt coconut oil over a low heat,remove from heat and add essential oils. Tranfer to a 4oz. glass container with lid and store in refrigerator. Use for added soothing releif to errupting teeth.

Support Alzheimers Disease using Therapeutic Essential Oils

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Support Alzheimers Disease using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Reduce side effects of Alzheimers Diseas

 The search continues for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias, some research suggests that aromatherapy and the use of essential oils may have beneficial support. Watch this ground breaking  videos

Awakeningrom Alzheimers “

⦁    The oils offer relief from symptoms of depression which often occur with Alzheimers Disease,
⦁    There is evidence that they may improve the quality of life for people  living with chronic health conditions.


Oils may be inhaled, applied to the skin, or placed in food or tea depending on the type of oil and its level of concentration.

Essential Oils have been used for generations and most are thought to be safe, but be sure to consult with your doctor before using to ensure oils will not have any negative interaction with medication you or your family may be taking.

7 Essential Oils That May Help Those Living with Dementia
Here are 7 oils that have been shown to be effective in supporting the symptoms of Alzheimers.

Lavender has a calming effect  and helps balance those strong emotions. Furthermore it has also been used to help with depression, anger and irritability, and can help in some cases of insomnia. It can be directly inhaled, used as a massage oil or sprayed on linens. Use it in the evening to promote better sleep and during the day to improve mood swings.

Peppermint is an energizer and may be used to stimulate the mind, energize and help improve appetite. Best to use in the morning. Peppermint oil can be inhaled directly, diffused in a room, used as a massage oil, sprayed in the air or even placed in a bath.
Rosemary is similar to Peppermint. Rosemary is an uplifting oils used to stimulate the brain and the mind.. It may even improve cognitive performance and mood. Rosemary has also been known to ease constipation, symptoms of depression and also reinvigorate the appetite.  May help improve cognitive response in speed and accuracy. Rosemary oil can be directly inhaled, diffused through a room or used as a spray

Mark Moss and Lorraine Oliver  conducted

“”” some interesting research. Seems like some progress is being made.
Bergamot can be used to relieve anxiety, reduce agitation and mild depression.. This mood elevating and calming oil can also be used to relieve insomnia. To use bergamot oil, place a few drops in your bath, use as a massage oil, diffuse through a room or use a spray on clothing or linens.

 Lemon Balm
While lemon oil may be among the more expensive oils, it is also one of the most studied and more effective oils. It has been shown to help calm and relieve anxiety, improve memory and ease indigestion. Lemon oil can be dropped into a bath, inhaled directly, diffused, sprayed or applied directly to the skin as a massage oil.
 Ylang Ylang
Ylang Ylang oil can help ease depression while also promoting good sleep.  Ylang Ylang is often combined with lemon oil and can be placed in a bath, inhaled, diffused or sprayed.
Ginger oil is most relevant  for anyone struggling with digestive issues. Commonly used to treat a loss of appetite and constipation, ginger can help promote good eating habits. Ginger oil can be applied directly to the skin as an abdominal massage, inhaled, diffused, sprayed or placed on a compress.


Have you seen relevant positive effects of essential oils in yourself or a loved one? Which oils worked best for you?

 Share your thoughts and results with us.

Contact me if I can help. I can offer 1-1 free Skype help. Judith070942