The Midas Touch – Lemon Essential Oil

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Lemon Essential Oil has the Midas Touch. This simple oil has something for everyone. Part 5 of this series gives you an overcview of this valuable essential oil and its properties revealed from over 500 scientific studies.

Please watch: “10 Must have Essential Oils”

Frankincense all natural Body Cream

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Weather can be harsh on skin. Elbows and knees and the rest of your body  can get dry and painfully chapped in the winter and worn out during the hot summer months (especially if you spend time in chlorinated wateras I do.). Now Spring is here I know it is time to make my favourite Frankincense whipped body cream ready for the bikini and shorts.

Of course choose your essential oil from a reputable source like Young Living Essential Oils.

Great as a gift for family and friends.
























Simple Ingredients

Shea Butter is a fantastic emollient which means it holds in moisture and keeps it in place to keep your skin from drying out when the temperature drops and the wind blows in. Shea butter is the fat extracted from the nut of an African tree. It’s been used in beauty remedies and skin protection recipes for centuries.

Coconut oil comes from the meat of the coconut palm.

It’s perfect for many beauty recipes for skin and hair. It’s a natural moisturiser

Vitamin E is a naturally occurring antioxidant which can help reduce the signs of ageing. It is wonderful for boosting the skin-smoothing properties in your beauty recipes. Use sparingly

Frankincense essential oil is known for giving a smooth appearance to healthy skin. It promotes healthy cell regeneration. I love that Young Living includes this oil in the starter kit. It’s a must in my bathroom cabinet!

Simple to make using an electric mixer or hand held mixer.

Preparation Tips

  • It is important that the Shea butter and coconut oil are solid when you blend them. You might need to refrigerate them for about 30 minutes if they’ve been stored in a warm climate.

Frankincense Body Cream

Preparation Time – 5 minutes


3/4 cup shea butter

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

10 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

8 oz. amber glass jar


Combine the shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E in your mixing bowl.

Use an electric mixer or hand mixer to blend the ingredients

Whip the ingredients until they double in volume.

Add in the essential oil and whip another 10 seconds.

Pour or spoon into the jar.

Apply a little to your skin to keep it sensuously  smooth.

The King of Essential Oils. Frankincense

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Frankincense. King of Essential Oils

There is so much to say about this Essential oil.

I will be posting more recipes using Essential oils for you to use.

Visit this site for more research into the medicinal effects of Frankincense.

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Peppermint Essential Oil. Awesome and Versatile.

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Peppermint Essential Oil-Awesome and Versatile.

Over 1000 medical studies shown in Pub. Med.

Reported therapeutic properties: analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, immunesystem support, antiseptic, antispasmodic.

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March Madness Spring Clean Your Home and Make it CHEMICAL FREE

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  • March Madness

  • Spring Clean Your Home
  • Make it Chemical Free.
  • No artificial fragrances containing added water.
  • Toxin free.
  • Anti microbal
  • Anti bacteral


The Powerful Healing Qualities of Rosemary Essential Oil

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Rosemary Essential Oil has amazing healing properties if it is 100% therapeutic grade with no  additives. or dilution. What’s in your products?

Latin Name: Rosemarinus Officinalis

Family: Lamiaceae


Primary compund: Cineole.

So How do Essential Oils Work in the body?

Robert Tisserand is the expert on this and I recommend you visit his site

My 10 Must Have Essential Oils . Part 1 Lavender

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I’m so excited to have finally produced the first part of my 10 part video series on 10 Must Have Essential Oils.

Last year my husband had a deep and serious cut to his leg. The medical centre decided not to add any stitches but to keep it clean and let it heal naturally. As soon as the bandages were removed I got to work with Lavender and coconut oil every single day. The wound began to close and heal quickly. Now  months down the line there is hardly any scarring.

Lavender is in your starter kit.

In the evenings I use Lavender in my diffuser because if has a great calming effect and helps induce a good sleep pattern. Great for helping me switch off from my computer.

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Essential oils for babies and young children

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Essential Oils for Infants and Children


Our children are extremely precious and as parents we are the first responders when it come to their health and well being. The correct use of essential oils with babies and young children can’t be stressed enough.

Essential Oils —-Are they safe?

I am talking about Young Living 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and a company that has excellent quality control.

They are pure plant extract and very potent. One must respect the oils. As parents we must use our heads and be cognisant.

Our young ones bodies are building rapidly, all their systems are developing and changing.

These oils are ADAPTAGENS, that is, they adapt to each person. Children tend to respond more rapidly than adults to the oils.

Here are some guidelines when using the oils on children.

  • Here me on this please!: DILUTE, DILUTE, DILUTE!!!!! This does not reduce the potency of essdential oils but renders them not as intense on these young skins. Use the old adage, Less is more! Always err on the side of caution

    Dilute, dilute,dilute. Ndever use neat oils on children under 6 years.

    Dilute, dilute,dilute. Never use neat oils on children under 6 years.

  • Use carrier oils.

These are fatty vegetable oils such as Young Living V6, coconut, jojoba, almond and olive.

There are things to consider here.

  • Has your child got a nut allergy? If so do not use carrier oils that contain nuts like coconut, almond and avocado.

         Has your child got any allergies at all?

         I would not use oil blends on young children because they contain      

fractionated coconut oil.

  • Sensitivity.

Some children have very sensitive skins, especially around the eyes. They can be sensitive to oil itself or the aroma.

Always check that your child is well hidrated.

  • System Support.

Which system are you trying to support, immune, digestive, respiratory?

Discover which oils are best for each system.

  • Pub. Med have much research on Essential Oils. If you are not sure always seek advice.

  • Mode of Application.

With young children I would not recommend oral use.

Diffusing is a great way to use the essential oils especially in the bedroom.

The oils can be used as a gentle massage on the stomach and the soles of the feet are a great places to apply oils.

Avoid putting them direct on the face and never into the ears.

  • A few Favourite Essential Oils to use with children.

  • Lavender.

Very calming and aids restful sleep.

Diffuse or place on the underside of their pillow.

  • Frankincense.

This is very spicy. Always dilute.

It helps with the immune system, soft tissue and respiration

  • Owie.

Aids structural support.

  • Tummy Gize

Good for digestive issues.

  • Peace and calming 1 or 2.

Children who are very right brained and a tendancy to ADHD react well with this oil.

  • Lemon and citrus blends.

Circulation, lymphatic system and immune system.

Don’t use if body is going to be exposed to the sun

  • Emotional.

I personally would not use with children under 5 years.

Use on back of neck and spine. Oils like white angelica,

vetiver, harmony.

Remember children can’t tell you they are stressed!!!!

DO NOT USE:( On children under 5 years.)

Peppermint- 54% plus menthol

Eucalyptus – up to 83%cineole

Rosemary – cineole and camphor.

DO NOT USE on children under 12 years.

Wintergreen or birch. – methyl-salicylate.


Lemon on the spine. PEPPERMINT

Reduce temperature.

Ginger or Lemon on the stomach. PEPPERMINT

Aids stomach ache.

Lemon, Frankincense, cinnamon, clove, tea tree, thyme, oregano.Use on the feet. PEPPERMINT

Immune support.

Cedarwood,pine, myrtle.Diffuse or use on chest and back.

Congestion and cough PEPPERMINT EUCALYPTUS

Frankincense, balsam fir and copiaba. PEPPERMINT

Helps aches and discomfort.

Rub on gums for teething.

Frankincense and copiaba.

Back to School- Oils for Kids

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Back to School – Oils for Kids


How to stay Happy, Healthy and in Focus.

It’s that time of year again for children and students of all ages. As an ex-teacher I know emotions run high. These amazing 100% therapeutic essential oils will help support your children, teenagers and anyone who is engaged in studying. The oils become their GO TO!!!  Today I’m concentrating on school age children.

We all enjoyed the summer holiday, vacations, beach, fun things, families sharing time together and all out of a routine. So it’s important to get back to a study routine using a natural holistic method. Need to start right and help get them in tune and balance. It is exciting to see their friends again but hard for everyone including parents. There are challenges and stresses like a new class, new teacher, new school. They need to get back to a rigid routine for study,  homework, bedtime, catching the bus, clubs and activities.

Children and adults can feel:

STRESS. This affects recall and retention in the brain.


Let’s look at what you can do to help children, teenagers and older students regain FOCUS and how the oils will help.

There are 4 main areas to consider but our focus here will be on the oils.

  1. Sleep
  2. Diet
  3. Routine
  4. FOCUS



There are 2 types of sleep NREM and REM. REM sleep is the deep part of sleep that is necessary for re-energizing the body and mind, dreaming and immunity. NREM, non rapid eye movement. This part of sleep send blood to the soft tissues for repair and energy to be re-supplied and organs reapired.


The sleeping environment be  quiet  without computers or lights left on. You can prepare for sleep and relieve stress by diffusing oils in the bedroom.


Oils such as: Clarity, Peace and Calming, Lavender, Orange and Lemon, Bergamot, Cedarwood.

It is when you are asleep that the brain recuperates itself.



Autumn is the worst time for immune system issues and it is essential to support these issues.  Children are exposed to other children who bring germs with them into school.


Looking for a Head lice spray

You can support with diet, supplements and oils.


Poor DIET affects their blood sugar levels. The blood sugar goes up and this produces poor sleep. It can also indjuce hunger pangs in the nights and bad dreams.

You can rub oils on the chest, feet or diffuse them. Any child with respiratory problems or asthma will benefit highly by diffusing oils. Eucalyptus or RC are great oils to help with breathing problems.


So which oils will help support your children?

  • Oregano – gives a feeling of security. Rub into the feet.
  • Citrus oils like lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit. Children like these light oils and it is best to let them choose their favourite. This builds up the right memories in the brain. These can be diffused or rubbed into the abdomen.

Citrus oils also help the gut and keep the digestive system happy.

  • Lavender – is very calming. Put a few drops on their pillow or favourite toy.
  • Myrrh – purifying and restorative
  • Raven – great for the immune system
  • Exodus 11 – emotionally cleansing and uplifting
  • Vetiver – is grounding and calming.
  • Clarity – clears the mind and gives alertness.
  • Brain Power – a very high frequency oil  which helps boost the brain.
  • Roman Chamomile – relaxing and calming for both mind and body. Its gentleness makes it especially valuable for restless children.

What about the Rise and Shine Routine?

Orange, lemon, frankincense rubbed into their heads when they wake up will help put some spark into them.

Help them develop a positive mental attitude.

Use a couple of oils each day especially for the first couple of weeks. Experiment to find which oils work best for the child.

One product that I would add in every student’s school bag  would be THIEVES a waterless hand  purifier. Promotes good hygiene by cleaning and refreshing and can be used anywhere.

 Recipe for Homework Happiness.

 2 drops Peppermint.

2 drops Frankincense.

 Children and adults need to have a winding down routine before they begin to study.

With stress you cannot study and get recall and retention and long term memory cuts out.

It has been shown that using the same oils when studying a subject e.g orange for maths., clarity for language helps focus and recall. When they start to study let them inhale the oil and even dab a small amount on both nostrils.

This helps create active re-call by connecting the oils with the topic and bring things to the front of the brain.

Finally, I hope your children get a lot of support from using Young Living Essential oils. They need balance and routine back in their lives. A diet of natural and clean foods is so essential to help them and  This is a subject all on its own. Exercise and movement are crucial for their minds and bodies.  All four systems must be involved in Brain Focus: brain, adrenals, digestion and blood sugar.

Plus parents and educators need support from themselves to help them cope with the daily routines.

Let me help you select the best oils for you and your family.

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I love giving talks and presentations in people’s homes or to  groups and organizations.

If you would like to know more about my schedule then please contact me direct.


Until next time Judith Atkinson.





Which Oils Support Your Lifestyle

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Which Oils Support Your Lifestyle?

Which Oils Support Your Lifestyle?

With nearly 200 essential oils Young Living’s Catalogue can be overwhelming deciding which oils might be right for you.

I have two ways to help you.

  1. Let me Help!!

I love helping my clients and my team.It’s great to discover the oils that make such a difference to your life. Use me as your resource to find which oils will best support your overall wellness and lifestyle.


2 Don’t make any choice!!!!

One of the great things about Young Living Starter Kits

is that they include a variety of essential oils to get you started. There is no better way to start your essential oils journey to optimim health.


Let me know how I can help.