Hi, I’m Judith,

I’m an entrepreneur and am passionate about empowering others, especially women to live the life of their dreams.

Life wasn’t always like this. I didn’t know about inner self or listening to my passions. I pursued a career of teaching which I loved and it served me well but there had to be more.

My life as a child was great and my parents were very supportive throughout my life.

I became a wife with two wonderful daughters and that was another dream fulfilled.

What next? What was missing? What was my purpose?


I decided to write a book, ‘Live Love Legacy’. The journey of how it all came together has changed my life. When I started I had no idea if I could even write a book or what I wanted to say. I was feeling driven with a great desire to investigate what had led me to this point in my life and if there was a better way to move forward and achieve my purpose and destiny.

I do believe we are all born to have an abundant lifestyle. My dearest wish for you is that I may be able to offer some insight to help you on your journey of discovery.

My book is a human story of my journey to success and to discovering how to live a better lifestyle.

I want to share what I now know with others and impact on their lives.

Essential oils https://www.youngliving.com/es_ES came into my life and became my passion and a large part of my life. That is when I decided to make them my business.

I love teaching about Holistic health, whole you, healthy eating and my passion for The Power ESSENTIAL OILS.