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Lip Balms

I always carry lip balms with me but their effects never seem to last.

Now we have winter upon us and we are heating our houses the air can become very dry and lips become chapped.

I couldn’t ever imagine how making my own lip balms could be so easy.

If you love lip balms learning a great lip balm recipe can be a game changer.

Home made lip balms can be very purse friendly and now I make a whole batch to last.

If you love lip balms learning a great lip balm recipe can be a game changer.

Home-made lip balms can be very purse friendly and now I make a whole batch to last.


  1. Here’s my basic formula

  • I ordered a pack of 25 empty lip balm tubes ( )

  • I bought a tiny stainless steel funnel. Easier than a plastic funnel. You can remover any solid balm with a tooth pick.

  • 6 tablespoons Organic coconut oil or Shea butter.
  • 2 tablespoons Beeswax granules

  • 30 Drops of our favourite essential oil.

  • I find it helpful to have a lip balm tray to hold up the tubes whilst the liquid sets.

  • Here’s where I buy mine from:

    1. Simple method.

You’ll need only 10 minutes, honestly!

Melt coconut oils in a double boiler or pan with a Pyrex dish inside over a medium heat, stirring frequently until all is melted. Quarter fill the pan with simmering water.

Add your favourite essential oils.

You can also add vitamin E oil.

Carefully and slowly pour a small amount into each tube. NB Mixture will harden rapidly.

Let it cool for about and hour then use as normal.

Any extra balm left use on your feet and elbows.

Leave the tubes lying around the house.

Looking for stocking fillers, teacher gifts or an easy way to pamper your lips?

      1. Which Carrier Oil should I Use?

Use your favourite or choose from

Coconut oil


Sweet almond

Apricot kernel


      1. Which Lip Balm for you?

Here are a few of my favourites.

Vanilla extract is divine and great for cracked lips.

  • Christmas lip balms with Orange and cinnamon essential oils or grapefruit and lime.

  • Vanilla, orange and lavender.

  • Peppermint and mandarin

Now there’s no end to how creative you can become.

The sky’s the limit with these lip balms.

Here’s to your beautiful plump, luscious lips during 2018.

As always please remember not all oils are created equal. I only use 100% therapeutic grade oils with active components and no fillers or chemicals.


These oils are plant based medicine. Don’t misuse or abuse them.

Would love to hear which lip balm is your favourite.

Have fun!

Until next time. Judith 648 671 410


Lavender is in the starter kit

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Natural Christmas scents for your home.

Fill your home with Joy and these these great aromas this Christmas Make your home warm and welcoming with this selection of essential oils which are great for the festive season. These oils bring Peace and Joy.
Also great stocking fillers!!
Have a marvellous Festive Season

Bring great Joy and Happiness to your home this Festive Season.

Welcome your guests and family into a warm and cheerful environment by diffusing a selection of oils. Oils are like a breath of fresh air.Bring the gifts of Christmas with fabulous Cinnamon oil. It is ant-microbal and helps ward of flu and colds. Gives that wonderful winter spice aroma.

Lemon is so fresh and uplifting, enhances the mood.

Blue Spruce is so relaxing for the body and the mind.

Fill your home with Christmas Spirit and let the oils bring Christmas Cheer, comfort and Joy.