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Judith is a place of reference for essential oils and a place where you are also able to be part of our team.

Families are now becoming more concerned about protecting the health of their children and pets in a more natural way. Through ‘Young Living’ we have alternative options to protect our families with the help of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils and make our homes chemical free.

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We have found a way to incorporate the oils into almost all aspects of our daily life. Here at we are closer to sharing them with you.

We are a group of people who are interested in learning everything possible about essential oils. There are incredible testimonials from people who have used the oils with great results.

There is a huge opportunity for you to develop your own work from home business by sharing and helping others understand and use the oils.

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“I’ve been using a cream made of coconut oil mixed with Melrose & Lavender oils on my infant son’s skin. He has occasional skin issues that pop up and this oil mixture has really helped to support his skin’s natural healing process.”
“Valor has helped me so much! It has helped dial down the volume of my husband’s loud breathing so that I can barely hear anything! This is huge–I can’t even tell you—just one drop on the bottom of each big toe for my husband. When I apply it, it has helped me get a more restful sleep. I call it my “21 and done” because people say it takes 21 minutes for the oil to have its effects when applied to the big toes and go through my entire body.”
“Peace & Calming worked wonders on my son for his occasional angry tantrums. He was sent home from school and after a serious conversation with his dad and I, he stormed off his room in a fit of rage. He then ripped the covers off his bed, crumpled any paper in his room and broke apart his favorite Legos. My first thought was that perhaps I needed to contact an exorcist. Then I remembered my oils. I secretly diluted P&C in my hands before going in his room to talk about his actions. I sat down by him and held his wrists for contact with the oils (I’m a sneaky mom like that). I left the room to let him think about our conversation. He came into my bathroom where I was cleaning and asked if he could help. Umm, OK? He went off and cleaned the sink in the girls’ bathroom. Then he came back and asked if he could clean all the toilets in the house. Seriously?! Who was this kid? He had just been spinning like the Tazmanian Devil and now he was offering to clean with me. I was blown away by the power of this oil! Peace & Calming to the rescue. Peace on Earth. Or at least, in your house.”